rmoov WordPress Plugin

Why join WordPress and rmoov

There is one thing worse than having a wonderful wordpress blog full of spammy comment links - having to spend hours trolling through them all and cleaning up those links when people ask you to. Well with your rmoov publisher account and the rmoov plugin clean up is as easy as a single button click.

How do I get this all to work together?

Well, first thing you need is a rmoov Publisher +API Account

Once you have your account, just log in and go to the "My Account" page to grab your API key.

I have the API Key now what?

  • Log into your wordpress admin console
  • Select "Plugins" -> "Add New" and Search for rmoov
  • Install and Activate "Bulk Comment Remove"
  • Open "Tools" -> "rmoov Link Removal"
  • Paste your API Key, "Update Key" and "Check Key" you should get "Valid User Key"

How do I cleanup links?

Press the "List Links" button and it will show you any work that needs to be done (every time a rmoov client asks to have a comment link removed from your blog the URL will appear in this list*).

If there is work to do, you will see it listed. Then simply click "Remove Links".

Job done, now back to blogging!

*If you are thinking that you see a lot of emailed link removal requests from people who aren’t using rmoov, that shouldn't be a problem either.

Rmoov users can create a free subscription which allows them to request removals for up to 250 URLs at a time, so if you have the rmoov Wordpress plugin installed, you have the option of suggesting that others requesting link removal create a Free Basic account and use the rmoov system to lodge their requests. This will help you to automate more and more of the link removal workload and eliminate the flood of email you don't want to see in your inbox every day.