rmoov Publisher Verified Website

What is a publisher verified website?

We now allow publishers to register in rmoov and claim domains. Once we have verified domain ownership we allow publishers to directly interact with us to help make link cleanup quicker, easier and less tiresome for everyone.

What does this mean for me?

Your inbox is no longer flooded by thousands of email requests and you can now manage all link removal requests within rmoov. Since you are able to communicate with those making requests through the Publisher interface, it is easy to provide simple instructions if you want to help them achieve quicker cleanup and faster response. If you do not wish to remove or nofollow links for those who ask, you can simply add a message that tells them this and never have to receive a single email! The added advantage is that even your refusal message is automatically added to reports generated by rmoov. This means the requester has everything they need to show search engine reviewers they made a genuine attempt to get links cleaned up. No need to deal with multiple requests, just get on with business...

Why are you doing this?

Because everyone is human. We are not looking to place blame or fault anyone as to why links are where they are. We just want to help you and our customers manage these problems so everyone can get on with life.

What do you allow verified Publishers to do?

As a publisher there are so many ways you may be impacted by those who are trying to remediate backlink profiles! Whether links are a genuine target for link removal or have been mistakenly identified as unnatural, rmoov for Publishers gives you everything you need to manage requests, take the pressure off your inbox and respond in the way that works best for your business:

  • Claim and verify your domains
  • Set a preferred email address for all contacts
    (overrides any other address entered in our client's personal domain database)
  • Store a message for all campaign owners.
    (provide instructions on how to remove links from your site, or politely say "No")
  • Use the rmoov API to collect requests, automate link removals or send responses.
  • Use our WordPress plugin to remove blog comment spam with a single click!
  • Automatically mark links as cleaned up in the client campaign.
  • Automatically send an email to the campaign owner (through rmoov) advising that links have been removed.

We are doing all of this because we know link removals are unpleasant for everyone. And really... we just want to make it easier for everyone.