Publisher Features and Pricing

rmoov is available to all Publishers, and its all Free.

    We recently released rmoov for Publishers, a Publisher Portal which enables you to claim and verify your domains in rmoov, then save specific contact instructions for every rmoov user who adds a link removal request for your domain to our system. Since rmoov users have the option of manually editing contact information for their own individual domain database, using the Publisher portal will ensure that your domain contact preferences are applied for every user requesting link removals through rmoov.

With a publisher account what can YOU do?

  • You can claim and verify a website
  • You can set a preferred email address that overrides the domain database
  • The preferred email address has to be verified, just like we verify campaigns.
  • You can store a note for the campaign owners on how to get links removed.
  • We have a rmoov API that allows the publishers to program link removals.
  • We support a WordPress plugin that can help publisher get comments cleaned up faster.
  • When a link is cleaned up the publisher can mark it cleaned up (if you have Add Report Back Link to Publisher Email checked).
  • When a link is cleaned up the publisher can save a note saying it is cleaned up.
  • When a link is cleaned up the publisher can send an email (through rmoov) saying it is cleaned up.

We are doing all of this because we know link removals are unpleasent for everyone. And really... we just want to make it easier for everyone.