Dear Publisher,

We are writing to you because we want to let you know that link removal requests don’t have to be a negative for you or your business any more.

For too long, you have been unwillingly placed at the end-point of a continuum that begins with a link-based penalty applied by a Search engine. Of course, the only way forward for those affected by such a penalty is to contact you and other publishers to try to get the links they think may be affecting their situation removed. While it is easy to assume that all of these site owners are responsible for their own situation, that isn’t always the case, and as more and more previously acceptable techniques are pulled into the "unnatural links" bag, the prospect of things getting better for you continues to diminish over time.

From Day 1 of development, we have tried to include features in rmoov which would help to ease the burden you face as you receive requests to remove links. These have included limitations on the frequency of emailed requests as well as the inclusion of a reporting link to make it easy for you to advise when links are removed. Still we have been concerned by the seemingly unsolvable problems of massive amounts of email sent to your inbox(es), and the time and resource issues you face if you do want to remove links when requested.

It has been clear to us for a very long time, that things need to change and that real solutions have to be found for the issues you are dealing with every time another site owner decides that they want a link to their site from yours taken down.

Now there is a real solution

We recently released rmoov for Publishers, a Publisher Portal which enables you to claim and verify your domains in rmoov, then nominate specific contact instructions that will be shown to every rmoov user who adds a link removal request for your domain to our system. Since rmoov users have the option of manually editing contact information for their own individual domain database, using the Publisher portal will ensure that your domain contact preferences are applied for every user requesting link removals through rmoov.

Our Publisher + API Free account allows you to claim and verify unlimited domains. Once you have verified your domain(s), you can also choose to collect link removal requests straight out of your publisher interface. Information about the contact options available to rmoov Publishers can be found here.

Automated Link Removals are within your grasp

If you choose to create a rmoov Publisher + API account you will also have the option of writing custom scripts to completely automate removal of links from your site(s). To see the features available for rmoov for Publishers, take a look at the Publisher Features page.

If your site is built on Wordpress and has been targeted by comment spammers, you can download our Wordpress plugin, Bulk Comment Remove. Used in combination with rmoov Publisher + API, the plugin makes it possible to remove every comment present on your blog from a requesting domain with a single click.

If you are thinking that you see a lot of emailed link removal requests from people who aren’t using rmoov, that doesn’t need to be a problem either.

Rmoov users can create a free subscription which will allow them to request removals for up to 250 URLs at a time. Should you choose to automate link removals through the Publisher API, this means that you will have the option of suggesting that people who email or contact you in some other way, create a Free Basic account and use the rmoov system to lodge their requests. This will help you to automate more and more of the link removal workload and eliminate the flood of email you have probably come to expect in your inbox every day.

We built rmoov for Publishers to help you move past the burden of dealing with link removal requests and get on with business.

We hope it helps,
Support @RMOOV

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, we hope that it will help you to understand the Publisher Portal and how it works.