Google launches its Disavow Tool and rmoov ships the Disavow Report!

Matt Cutts caused a stir at Pubcon 2012 by announcing the arrival of Google's Disavow Links tool

While it was the announcement everyone has been waiting for, there was really nothing too surprising for us in the Webmaster Help video from Matt to explain the Disavow feature and how to use it.

So, Google still wants you to make a good faith effort to remove all of the links you can by emailing webmasters or making changes that are within your own control. The upshot is, no silver bullet, no easy shortcuts, but you don't have to feel quite so helpless about those links that are left over at the end of your campaigns!

Now you can download a ready formatted Disavow Report from rmoov, and IF you need to let Google's Webspam Team know that you really don't want those links associated with your site, just log into Google's new Disavow Links page and submit the file exported from your campaign.

The rmoov Disavow Report is available for every completed Campaign you have run

We back-built the feature so that if you need to, you can go back to your previous campaigns and download the report with one click. Just click the rmoov Disavow Links report for Google icon for any archived (closed) campaign that has run to completion and save the csv.

Use With Caution

We've added the Disavow Report to all rmoov campaigns so that it is available IF you need to use it. Not everybody will need to use it, but of course, only you know exactly what your link cleanup situation is. You should pay special attention to the cautionary warnings in the video from Matt Cutts (above) and also in the announcement on the Official Google Webmasters Blog.

In addition to this advice from Google, we would add a few cautionary words of our own....

We recommend that you Double Check your Disavow report before you submit - Be doubly sure that there are no great links in there that should never have been included in your campaign!

The Disavow report generated by rmoov contains all of the links that have not been cleaned up at the close of the campaign. The status of those links is listed according to response from the domain owner during the process. If you have inadvertently included links that are great for your site and been accidentally lucky that a webmaster did not respond, disavowing them would be the mistake to end all mistakes!

We did our best to get the new Report to you as quickly as possible - in fact we owe a huge thank you to Heath, our lead developer, who moved a couple of small mountains to push the new feature live by 10.30pm EST on the day of the announcement!

We hope it helps!

Heath & Sha


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