Need reconsideration request help?

Sha leads our reconsideration request team
Sha Menz, rmoov

rmoov can write it for you!

Do you need help to prepare a reconsideration request?

Sha Menz has extensive experience in writing detailed and UNIQUE reconsideration requests for our customers. A former newspaper editor and more than 20 year veteran of the SEO industry, Sha oversees the work of our Reconsideration Request team, ensuring every request submitted has the very best chance of resolving a manual spam action.

For many people, running the link removal campaign is a huge challenge that pales into insignificance when it comes time to consolidate everything and make a compelling case for reconsideration to the Google Webspam Team.

If you have already submitted an unsuccessful request for reconsideration, the prospect of finding and fixing the issues can be just as overwhelming as the thought of dealing with the penalty itself.

If you have done all of the work but are stuck on how to provide everything Google needs to see in a reconsideration request, then rmoov is here to help you.

For $299.00 USD a rmoov penalty specialist will:

Step 1 - Meet with you via phone and email for up to 2 hours, talking with you about your campaigns, reviewing processes and confirming the work you have done in preparation for getting your manual penalty lifted.
Step 2 - Spend two hours checking your campaign(s), combining and editing reports where necessary, and making sure that everything is completed and ready for your reconsideration request submission.
Step 3 - Write and submit a thorough and unique reconsideration request document on your behalf.

rmoov will NEVER reuse a reconsideration request document. We feel that every link removal campaign is as unique as the website it seeks to represent. We do not use templates or prewritten reports and recommend that no-one ever does.

The care and consideration that goes into your reconsideration request is just as important as the effort and attention to detail that went into your link cleanup campaign. We understand the things that are important to Google and will always be guided by the need to fulfil their requirements and expectations in making a case for reconsideration.

Of course we can not promise that your penalty will be revoked first time, every time, but you can be assured that Sha and the rmoov team work hard to follow best practice methodologies and do everything in our power to build a good rapport with the Google Webspam Team. We are confident that Webspam team members recognize the quality of the work we do and the reconsideration requests we write.

To date we have been very successful in helping clients to get their manual actions revoked so they can get back to business!