Link Removal Step-by-Step with rmoov

Getting started with rmoov is easy.

First, you'll need to register for your free account.

Before you start your campaign you'll need three things:

  • An email address at the primary domain for your campaign
  • List of URLs you want your links removed from
  • Mail Server details to route emails via your domain

Now you're ready to log in to your rmoov account and get started on your first Campaign.

Follow these 5 easy steps to start your backlink cleanup:

  1. Create a Campaign

  2. Add a list of URLs

  3. Confirm contact information for Domains in your list

  4. Activate and Start your link removal Campaign

  5. Check your rmoov Inbox for notifications from webmasters who have removed links to your site.

If you have questions about rmoov, check our Knowledgebase or email our Help Team.