Do you need Link Removal Training?

Sha Menz, rmoov

rmoov can come to you!

Our Link Removal Roadshow was such a success that we wanted to offer the information to a wider group. So we now offer rate based training!

If you ever wished you could take a link removal class just to help you get your head around Penguins, Penalties, Link Removal, Disavow Tools and Reconsideration Requests, then rmoov Link Removal Training is for you.

We've decided it's time to demystify the link removal landscape and give you an easy-to-follow roadmap that will help you get to grips with your backlink problems so you can get back to business and get on with life!

Dealing with link based penalties (whether manual or algorithmic) can seem overwhelming, thankless and often shrouded in confusion.

Even seasoned marketing professionals can find it challenging when faced with a new client, an unfamiliar backlink profile and little experience of the vast array of spammy link building tactics out there in the Wild.

We're here to tell you that it is possible to find a way forward. You can get on top of the problem and get back to being in control of your situation and the good news is that you can learn how to do it by spending just one day with an experienced Link Removal Specialist in your own office or venue.

What we will teach you: "Penalty resolution is a Process which can be broken into 6 Basic Steps"

Step 1 - Diagnosing the penalty. Learn how to use basic tools and information to nail down the problem.
Step 2 - Building your backlink report. Learn where to find all the data you need to get a real idea of what's in your backlink profile
Step 3 - Analyzing links and identifying manipulation. Understand the factors influencing a link based penalty.
Step 4 - Webmaster Outreach Campaign. Learn how to set up rmoov and be ready to take notes on best practice methods for acquiring contact information.
Step 5 - Submitting the Disavow List. Learn what to disavow and why, understand the tool and how to ensure your submission is successful
Step 6 - Reconsideration Requests. What you need to include, when to file and what will happen when your request is processed.

Sha will share her experience, best practice process and a huge array of valuable tips and techniques as she guides you through each of these steps in the core sessions of the day.

Whether your company is super small or you need to train a whole team of link removal specialists, every inhouse rmoov training session is tailored specifically to your business and your team. We'll provide you with a range of resources including Link Analysis worksheets and access to tools and browser plugins and that will help make the job much easier.

Of course there is more to restoring your site visibility than just dealing with problem links, so with each training session we also offer the option to add a second day of hands on site analysis and reality based marketing. Sha will help you understand how to identify other issues on your site that may be hurting your search success, before wrapping up the day with a personalized session on how to "Reboot" your marketing mindset for the future.

Once you've learned how to shift the focus of your marketing back to your business, it's very likely you'll be wondering how to go about bringing your business to life on the web. Sha will show you how to plan and execute a content strategy that fits you and your company (and your clients). Whatever the size or budget, Shs will give you the knowledge and inspiration to Reboot your creativity and keep moving forward into the future.

Recently chosen as a Community Speaker at this year's inbound marketing super conference, Mozcon, Sha will let you in on her most actionable Pro Tips for successful Link Removal outreach campaigns.

So, tell me how I can get trained

Fill out our contact form or simply email with your username, the business and or location where you need training and preferred date(s). When we receive your request we will advise availability and cost of training (based on the number of days required).

We really look forward to seeing you in person and helping you and your company get back to business.