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Where is the Disavow Link Report?


The Disavow Report is available at any time and is generated as a .txt file.

The Disavow Report is auto-generated when your campaign expires. Just click the Disavow button for the campaign to download the Disavow text file. This file should be saved in the UTF-8 or Unicode text format to ensure successful recognition by the Disavow Links Tool.

If you have multiple campaigns in rmoov for the same Target domain, log in to with your rmoov credentials to download a single Disavow file containing all disavow information from those campaigns. If you have an existing disavow file loaded in the Google Disavow Links Tool you can also use disdit to combine the existing file with the disavow file(s) from your rmoov campaigns. Just upload the existing csv file and then download a single file ready for resubmission to the Google Disavow Links Tool.



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