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Creating a New Letter Template


To create a new letter version, click My Letters in the blue header at the top of the page, then click the duplicate icon on the far right to create a new copy of the existing template.

Now click the blue pencil icon to enter the Template Editor and make changes as you wish. Note that the tags listed on the left side of the page are there to pull in information about your campaign, domain, URLs, contact information etc, so should only be changed if you need to do so. You can use different tags to choose the way rmoov addresses the domain owner.

Also, do not worry if some of your domain owners are companies, unknown webmasters etc. If you use the Short Name tag, rmoov will detect whether there are a first name and surname listed for the domain owner. If there are not, it will use the name as provided ... if you are concerned about a specific domain owner's name, you can check how rmoov is handling the name by clicking the Letter icon in your domain list to view the letter content.

Make sure you give your Template an easily recognizable name by changing the Title in the first field so that you can easily choose it later from a list.

Note that information entered in the second field in the editor will become the Subject line for your email message. We recommend that you DO NOT use terms such as Link Removal, Spam etc as there are some webmasters who may use filtering or simply ignore these messages. It is always best to make your Template friendly and recognize that you are asking the domain owner to help you out with a problem. This will get you much better cleanup results.

Once you have finished making changes, click Save Document.

Now return to your Campaign and choose the new template from the dropdown list either in the Campaign Editor (to send the new letter to all domains in the campaign), or in the Domain Editor (to send the new letter only to the owner of a specific domain).

Once you have selected the new Template, save changes to your campaign or domain.

Make sure that your campaign has been restarted if it had been paused. When your Campaign next mails the new letter will be sent.

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