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What Does the Setup Mail Button Mean?


Whenever you see a Red button in rmoov there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Click any red button and rmoov will take you to the page where the problem can be fixed.

The "Setup Mail" button is there to remind you that you need to add or update the Outgoing Mail Server information for your campaign.

Clicking the Setup Mail button will take you to the Campaign Editor.

You will need four pieces of information to complete Outgoing Mail Server Information:

  1. Mail Server Name: usually, or similarformat.
    Click here for Microsoft Exchange Mail Server configuration help

  2. Port Number: enter only the port number
    For help with Outgoing Mail Ports, click here

  3. User Name: this is the user name required to log in to the mailbox you are using to send outgoing mail

  4. Password: this is the password used to log in to the mailbox you are using to send outgoing mail

Additional Information

If the outgoing mail port is secured you will need to check the box to Connect via SSL.

In some cases mail servers are configured to require additional encryption. If you see a mail test error which reads "authentication method DIGEST-MD5 required" check the box to Add extra encryption

Next Step: While you have the Campaign Editor open, take a minute to Set Campaign Length, Choose a Campaign Mail Template and select Extra Campaign Options.

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