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I Uploaded the Wrong File! How Can I Delete?



If you've just realized the campaign data you uploaded is completely wrong, don't waste extra time trying to fix what you have.

Follow the instructions below for a solution that will put you back on track with a minimum of fuss:

The easiest solution is to create a new (empty) campaign by first clicking the duplicate icon. This creates a campaign that is all set up with the same campaign settings, but contains no URLs.

Now that you have a new campaign ready to upload your correct list, you can archive the incorrect campaign by clicking  the Stop button Once the campaign has been archived you will see that the icon has changed to .

Once archived, you will find that the incorrect campaign now has a DELETE button available at the bottom of the Campaign Editor page, which you can access by clicking the edit icon  in your campaign list. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the DELETE button to delete the incorrect campaign.

The delete button only becomes available once a campaign is archived to ensure that campaigns are not likely to be deleted by accident.

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