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What if an Email Bounces?

a) Do I need to add a note?

Yes, you should copy the text of the undeliverable message and post as a note on the domain (add your own commentary to indicate what you have done in response)
b) Do I stop the e-mail campaign?

First you should check to see if you can possibly find an alternative email address.

If you are able to find  another email address, move the undeliverable address to an unused or unnecessary field in the domain editor (paste it into an empty address field, fax field or twitter field) so that it will still be seen in your campaign summary report.

Once you have done this,  paste the new address into the email field and post a note to indicate that you have replaced the original address with another because the message was returned undeliverable. Save to continue mailings with the new address.

If you cannot find an alternative email address and the only one that you have returns undeliverable, click the icon to turn on Do Not Email, then Save.

If you already had two addresses and only one returns undeliverable, move it to an unused field, make sure that the second address is in the Primary (or Whois) field and check the Secondary unavailable, then Save to continue mailings.
b) Or try to add a contact URL to the domain info?

Often an undeliverable message will include a contact URL because some webmasters require requests to be submitted through a form rather than by email. If there is a contact URL included in the undeliverable message then you should add it.

If there is no contact URL in the undeliverable message, but you are able to find a contact URL on the site, you should add it to the domain if you have not already.

There are some domains for which we know only a contact form will be accepted. rmoov automatically adds the contact URLs for these domains and turns off the email function. These domains are referred to as Email Exceptions. You can find more information about them here.
This Knowledgebase article will take you through the process of submitting forms from rmoov
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