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Can I use rmoov with a Microsoft Exchange 2013 Server?


If you are using an earlier version of Microsoft Exchange server , please go to this article

There are several things that can cause a problem with exchange server setups.

1. Rmoov is using SMTP Relay to send mail via your server. The Exchange server must be configured to use SMTP alongside the default IMAP. For information on this, refer to this microsoft support article:

2. Where there is a firewall in place, the ip address required to grant access for our mail server is

3. Where spam filters or other security features prevent mail from being received, the domain to be whitelisted is

Note: We recommend that you establish a throwaway mailbox for link removal and turn the Spam filters for that mailbox OFF. This will prevent the problem of not receiving responses from webmasters who may ask for additional information regarding your requests. We see complaints about this from a number of webmasters.

If your mail administrator is unable to resolve server connection issues for you, then using gmail for outgoing mail relay is an alternative.

If you are in the position of having to use gmail for outgoing mail, you should keep in mind that experienced webmasters will most likely check mail headers and see that mail is being sent via gmail even though the reply to address in the email they receive will be the address at the target domain. It is a good idea in this case to add the name and phone number of a real contact person they can speak to if they wish to confirm whether the request is genuine. If the phone number can be easily tied back to the web site or company, that is always a good idea.

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