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How To Delete A Campaign


We understand that there are some situations where you may want to completely delete a campaign.

Follow these steps if the need arises:

A campaign can only be deleted if it has first been archived (this is a safety feature to ensure that you cannot accidentally delete a campaign when you didn't mean to :)
To end and archive a campaign, click the End button in the Campaign list.

When you see that the background color for the campaign has changed to blue (archived),  click the Edit button to go to the Campaign Editor.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Now you will see the Delete button, which only appears when the campaign has been archived.

Click Delete and confirm when asked.


Note: Once a campaign has been deleted it cannot be retrieved, so please be sure of your decision before clicking that button! You can of course recreate a campaign, upload all URL data and start again.

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