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How Can I Bulk Update Domain Contact Information?


Once you have created your campaign and loaded URLs, it is inevitable that you will need to edit at least some domain contact information. There are two ways to update domain contacts:

First, you can find and edit domain contacts from the Domain Editor

The second option is to bulk update contact information using the rmoov REUPLOAD feature.

Before you can bulk edit domain contact information you will need to make sure your campaign is paused and then follow these steps:

1. Click RESET SEARCH to ensure that no filters are active

2. Click the CSV icon to download the domain contact file for your entire campaign

3. Edit the information in the CSV file to add or change contact information (for example, if you wish to add a secondary email address to the Email 2 field for each one of a particular webmaster's domain records). If you sort A-Z on the Owner name column first it will be easier to just run down your list and copy/paste the email address into your CSV file where necessary. Don't forget to check in case you have some Lastname, Firstname listings as well as Firstname, Lastname)

4. Resave your edited file as a .CSV

5. Return to the domain list in rmoov and scroll down to the foot of the list. You will see that there is a second upload section labeled "REUPLOAD A DOMAIN DATA EXPORT FILE"

6. REUPLOAD your CSV file to bulk update all of the domains you have edited.

Now all that is left to do is to Restart your campaign.

Note: If the Primary of WhoIs email address for a domain record is changed, mail will be sent for that particular domain immediately the campaign is restarted.

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