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How Do I Submit Forms from rmoov?


If you load contact form URLs for domains where they are available (either by adding to the CONTACT URL field in the Domain Editor screen, or by bulk updating information with a csv reupload) you will see form icons   appear in the domain list for those domains.

By choosing from the filters in the search bar you can choose to see only the domains with forms that you want to see.

Choose from these filter options:

  • With Contact URLs - Shows you ALL of the domains that have contact forms loaded including those which may be actively emailed. This may be the filter you want if you have completed mail rounds and are not concerned about the potential of sending multiple requests close together.
  • With Only Contact URLs - Shows you ONLY the domains for which you have manually loaded a contact form (does not include email exceptions), but do not have any email address available. Since these domains cannot be emailed you can do form submissions at any time.
  • Never emailed, Has contact form - Shows you ALL of the domains with forms available that have never had email sent (either because no email addresses are available or because the Do Not Email icon is turned on). Includes email exceptions. Since these domains also have not been emailed you can do form submissions at any time.

Once you have chosen the filter you need, just work down the list to do your submissions using the following method:

  1. Click the Sample letter icon on the right of the list to see the content of the letter for that specific domain in a separate screen
  3. Return to the domain list and click the icon to open the contact form on the site
  4. Paste the content of the letter into the form, add and edit according to the fields required by the form
  5. Take your screenshot
  6. Click SUBMIT
  7. Create an image from your screenshot and upload to a public image service such as Imgur or similar
  8. Copy the URL for the screenshot image from your image service
  9. Click the icon and paste the image URL into the field
  10. Click SAVE URL. When a URL has been added the icon color changes to
  11. Click the Post a Note on a domain icon to post a Note on the domain indicating that you submitted the form and Save.

Now you can move on to the next domain in the list and repeat the process.

If you happen to see a .ca domain in your list you should click the icon. If the domain is registered to a private person, clicking the icon will open a pre-filled Interested Party contact form for the Canadian registry. All you need to do is complete the captcha, grab your screenshot and click Submit. You can then add the screenshot and enter the URL as above. In this case the domain will remain in your rmoov domain list as a problem because there still is no contact email address available. If you have not been able to find an email address using the normal methods, you will need to click Edit and check the No Whois Email Available checkbox to resolve the domain.

If the Canadian domain is registered to a Corporation, clicking the icon will open the Canadian WhoIs record which will provide the email address. You can then copy and paste the email address into the rmoov domain editor and save.

There will usually be a number of domains for which forms have automatically been added by rmoov. These are what we refer to as "email exceptions". To learn more about email exceptions and why we have them you can take a look at this page


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