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Can I See How Many Domains Have Been Cleaned Up?


To see what is happening in your campaign, just check the campaign list.

For each campaign in the list you will see a Progress Bar like those shown in the image below:

See how much of your campaign has been cleaned up

The Progress Bar will show you cleanup status of every campaign at a glance.

To dig a little deeper into the specifics of a campaign, take a look at the Campaign Status Summary to the left of the Progress Bar.

This Campaign Status Summary belongs to the second campaign above:

See what is happening in your link removal campaign

Hover your cursor over each of the blue letters to see what is in each category:

A = Active domains

E = Ended domains

W = Webmaster ended domains

X = Time expired domains

T = Totals

To see only the domains in a specific category, click the letter for the corresponding category.


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