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How Does It Work?


Rmoov sends email every 3 days to those domain owners for whom you have email contact information entered until the campaign expires.

The automated link checker runs before each mailing so that links that no longer exist are marked ended and no further mail is sent to those domain owners.

If you have FlipFlop email checked, then rmoov sends to the WhoIs email address on Day 1 of your campaign, the Secondary address 3 days later and the WhoIs email address again 3 days after that. FlipFlop campaigns will continue to alternate mail until either the link is marked as ended (by webmaster response, the automated link checker, or by you).

Once the campaign length has been reached the campaign and all of the domains that remain live will expire and are moved to the Campaign Archive. When this happens notations are finalized in the Campaign Summary Report.

To see archived campaigns, click “Show Archived Campaigns” at the top of your campaign list.

The Disavow Report is auto-generated when your campaign expires. Just click the Disavow button for the campaign to download the Disavow Report. If you have multiple campaigns in rmoov for the same Target domain, log in to with your rmoov credentials to download a single Disavow file containing all disavow information from those campaigns. If you have an existing disavow file loaded in the Google Disavow Links Tool you can also use disdit to combine the existing file with the disavow file(s) from your rmoov campaigns. Just upload the existing csv file and then download a single file ready for resubmission to the Google Disavow Links Tool.

The Campaign Summary Report is a comprehensive Excel workbook which will download automatically if you click the Report button in your campaign list.  (If you download this report while the campaign is running, the report will contain the summary of activity to date. When downloaded from the archived campaign, it will contain the Summary at completion. When a campaign completes domain and link Status is updated with notations by rmoov).

The first Worksheet in the Campaign Summary Report contains your individual Campaign Information. You can delete this before sharing the report with the Webspam Team for Reconsideration.

Worksheet 2 of this Report provides the domain level Summary that you will need if you are submitting a reconsideration request to Google. Information here includes all contact information at your disposal for each domain along with records of manual form submissions and clickable links to posted notes, screenshots and copies of all cached mail sent from your campaign.

Worksheet 3 provides a URL level summary, indicating Status of every individual URL loaded in the campaign.

Worksheet 4 provides detailed Timeline Tracking of your campaign. The information here includes records of all crawl responses and every email sent. You see a slightly less detailed version of this information when you click the Tracking button in your campaign list to view the Googledoc URL loaded in the campaign editor.

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