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How to use Gmail and rmoov


rmoov requires Application-specific passwords

Some applications that work outside a browser aren't yet compatible with 2-step verification and cannot ask for verification codes, for example:
* AdWords Editor
* Apps on smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry or iPhone
* Google Voice mobile application on iPhone
* Chrome Sync
* Mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook
* Chat clients such as Google Talk or AIM
* RMOOV Link Removal Tool

To use these applications, you first need to generate an application-specific password.

How do you do this?
1) Go to your Google account security settings :
2) click App Passwords in the “Passwords” section you will be in the right place to generate the application specific password.
3) In Name: field of Step 1 of 2 put in Rmoov and click Generate Password
4) Cut and paste this password (the 4 sets of 4 characters) into RMOOV as your Mail Server Password.

To find this section from login, when you arrive on this page just click the App-specific passwords tab.


NOTE: If the Name field is greyed out, you will need to click BACK to return to the security settings page and turn 2 Step Verification ON. (Scroll down the page until you see the Heading "2-Step verification" and make sure that Status is ON. If Status is Off, click SETTINGS and turn it On. You will need to log in again.)

Your Gmail OutGoing Mail Server Details then would be
Mail Server Name:
Mail Server Port: 465
Mail Server User Name:
Mail Server Password: (The password from Step 4)

Make sure you check "SMTP Auth" and "Connect via SSL"

For more information on Google 2-Step verification please check out

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