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We do not  provide algorithmic analysis of your backlink profile as offered by some other tools because we believe that link analysis is the most important part of the process and should be done by humans.

We believe that algorithmic analysis is inaccurate (in part because it relies on particular “metrics” to decide whether a site is “good” or “bad”. Since some site owners have dedicated themselves to gaming these metrics to artificially improve algorithmic assessments of their sites, the results will by their very nature be suspect).

Also, great sites are not immune to infiltration by spammers. Relying on the standing or authority of a domain to decide whether a link is natural or unnatural is not a good strategy. Good link analysis is about the LINK. In the process of assessing that, you need to take into account the link itself (is it relevant? is the anchor text a problem? is it followed or nofollowed? Has it been created purely for SEO value?); as well as the domain it is on (is it indexed in Google? is it a good quality or well respected domain? is it a bad neighborhood? is it just a link farm? is it full of content that has been created purely for SEO purposes?); and finally, where does it sit in relation to the entire link profile? (are there many, many links on many, many sites which follow the same pattern(s)?)

Inaccuracies in link analysis will cause failures in your link removal campaign (either by failing to recognize links that are unnatural, or by falsely identifying natural links as unnatural).

We understand that your site could be your livelihood and we don’t believe it is acceptable to take a “near enough is good enough” approach to something so important.

We do know that some of our customers choose to use link data from tools which provide algorithmic analysis, and that of course is their choice, but we recommend that they do check those results very carefully. As a result, we do see and hear a lot of anecdotal evidence of both false positives and false negatives. We have also seen evidence of this in our own testing.

So, in order to set up your rmoov campaign, you will need to start with a list of URLs that contain the links you want to have removed so that they no longer point to your site.

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