How To Write A Reconsideration Request


When it's time to say "Please Google, reconsider my site..."

Use this checklist from rmoov to make sure your reconsideration request includes everything the Google Webspam Team is looking for.

First, log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and select Search Traffic -> Manual Actions. If a there is a manual action in place you will see a red Request a Review button. Click this button to access the reconsideration request form and you can now write a reconsideration request in the text field provided.

Reconsideration Request ChecklistUse this Checklist as a guide to writing your reconsideration request to Google
  • List any violations of Google's quality guidelines that were happening on your site and make it clear they have stopped.
    Describe your situation and own up to all violations that you are aware of. (Some examples might include paid links that pass PageRank, cloaking, scraping, doorway pages, link schemes)
  • Who is responsible for these violations?
    Did you do it yourself, hire an SEO company who used poor methods, get involved in a link network, employ someone in-house who followed bad advice? Provide details and "own" your mistakes
  • Describe what you have done to repair the situation
    taken down paid links, removed fake profiles, removed hidden text... Give as much detail as possible of the process you have gone through.
  • Give Google details of all contacts with webmasters.
    Provide a link to a google doc that includes dates contacted, email addresses and contact form URLs used, text content of email sent, responses and results. All of this information can be found in a rmoov Campaign Summary report)
  • What have you done to ensure that the problem does not happen again?
    Some examples might include ensuring that nofollow tags have been added to paid links, cancelling accounts with paid link providers, severing ties with an SEO company, adding top level oversight of company email, introducing an in-house training program...
  • Have you used the Disavow Links tool to disavow links you could not clean up by other means?
    When did you upload or update your disavow list? rmoov auto-generates a Disavow Report at the end of every campaign which includes all links that were not cleaned up as well as details of your removal efforts.
  • Describe your plans for the future of the site
    This is your opportunity to show Google that your mindset has changed and your focus for the future is on making a better site for your users. Keep it brief, but make it clear that you understand what is expected.
  • Request that Google reconsider the way your site is indexed.
    Don't forget to actually make the request!


IMPORTANT: Once your request for reconsideration has been submitted you will receive a confirmation message from Google Webmaster Tools which includes a copy of the text. Please remember that this is the only copy of your submitted request that you will have access to. The message is not formatted, so will be difficult to read comfortably. If you intend to delete the confirmation message from the Google Webmaster Tools account, or think you may need to refer back to a reconsideration request after submission, we recommend that you copy the text from the submission form before clicking Submit.

Submitting a reconsideration request is fairly straightforward, but when the outcome is so important, it's only natural you might worry about what to include. It's fair to say we get our share of questions at rmoov on how to write a reconsideration request to Google. So we decided to make it easy by developing the checklist above.

Three rules to observe while using the checklist to ask for reconsideration:

     1. Be honest   2. Be helpful  & 3. Be polite

With these three things in mind, you are ready to get started on lodging your reconsideration request, but if you would like to learn a little more about Google reconsideration, watch this video from Matt Cutts.

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