About rmoov

rmoov is a backlink removal tool that allows you to submit link removal requests to webmasters quickly and easily. Use it to ask webmasters to remove bad links from a single URL or multiple URLs, multiple domains - whatever you need to rmoov, this is the tool to help make it happen!

We built rmoov because we understand that even simple tasks can be beyond your reach at scale, but we also understand that webmasters receiving link removal requests have management issues to deal with too. The tool is designed to help everyone manage tasks and get a backlink removal job done as painlessly as possible.

All you need to get started is a few minutes and a list of URL's where your problem links reside.

rmoov will take your URL list, create and send email to each domain owner and notify you when webmasters report that links have been removed. For those domains where a request has been sent, but no response recieved, rmoov follows up with regular reminder emails to the webmaster until your campaign comes to an end.

Once your campaign is running, monitor progress and confirm link removals in your personal dashboard. You can also choose to close a campaign early if you want to.

rmoov produces a detailed report of action taken, responses received and links removed on completion of each campaign.

rmoov handles link checking while you get back to working on your site. For a side-by-side comparison of rmoov Subscription levels, visit our features page. You can start out with our Free Basic account and start by removing bad links from up to 25 root domains right away.

Whatever the size of your backlink removal problem, rmoov is here to help and if you have a tricky situation or a questions about backlink removals, call our support line any time